Mother's Day Spa Package, Facial Deals

Gift a Mother’s Day Spa Package to a loved one. She’ll be pampered, relaxed, and glowing! Complimentary eyebrow shaping with any package.

A highly experienced esthetician will analyze your skin type and suggest the perfect skin care regimen. pH balanced products are better suited for the skin. At Skin by Seema, we only use the best quality products on our client’s skin.

As a result, there will be noticeable improvements in the skins’ smoothness and elasticity.

We feel these Mother’s Day Spa Packages are suited for anyone. It will definitely make someones day. Show your appreciation to a loved one!

Luxury Package

Noticeable lines or wrinkles? The anti-aging facial will exfoliate dead skin and reveal a new, fresh layer. Build collagen and reduce fine lines. You can look younger and healthier! Remove years of built up toxins through a foot detox. Check the color of the water to find out which toxins you excrete. Is it black for heavy metals? Orange?

  1. Anti-Aging Facial
  2. Ionic Foot Detox
  3. Complimentary Eyebrow Shaping

$210.00 Only $100.00

GLOW Package

Do you have dull or dry skin? Exfoliate and generate new cells quickly. Brighten your face for a fresh look! Energize and detox your body with the full body wrap!

  1. Brightening Treatment
  2. Infrared Body Wrap
  3. Complimentary Eyebrow Shaping

$270 Only $135

New Beginnings Package

Are you a Mother to Be? Having a Baby Shower coming up? This Mother’s Day Spa Package is perfect for you! Build new collagen and hydrate! It will plump up and tighten your skin.

  1. Hydrating Facial
  2. Complimentary Eyebrow Shaping

Plus 20% OFF any product

$180 Only $75

We recommend a skin care treatment at least once a month to maintain a youthful glow. Use a high quality cleanser and exfoliate once a week.

Treat yourself to one of these package deals, gift them to a Mom or Mom to be! Your recipient will feel loved and appreciate the kind gesture.