Meet the Skincare Esthetician, Seema!

Seema Skincare Esthetician, Skin by Seema

Seema is a skincare esthetician, licenced with 20 years of advanced experience, over 100 certificates, and over 1,800 hours of training at top institutes. Seema has always had a passion for beauty and skin care. She is always signing up for the latest seminar, learning more about the skin and breakthrough technologies.

Clients love Seema because she is very knowledgeable about the skin, how to improve it, and she is most gentle with extractions. She is renowned in the Orange County to LA area and celebrities are also her regular clients. Her techniques and the quality of products she uses on her clients skin is 100% effective and high quality.

Her specialties include:
Skin analysis
Advance product and skin knowledge
Microcurrent facial
Specialty facials and peels
Microdermabrasion facial
Oxygen therapy facial
Deep pore cleanses
Body treatments
Organic and vegan treatments

Clients notice a true improvement in their skin when treated by Seema. She will listen to your needs and analyze your skin as a true expert should and then applies proven techniques to make a real difference in her clients skin care regimen.

A facial should be a relaxed and refreshed experience, which is why we are pleased to exceed expectations. Her clients are pampered and provided with great customer service. Seema is a trusted professional, thus her clients leave happy and refer their family and friends as well.

Client Testimonials:

“Seema is very caring lady and knowledgeable about skin care. I had a facial and body scrub done by her about a month ago, result was awesome. My face looks radiant, I even didn’t wanna leave her studio because it was so relaxing. Seema took time to make sure I was happy and my skin looked fabulous before I left her studio. LOVE HER!!! I’ll definitely come back again and again.” 03/20/2019
Chi N.
Anaheim, CA

“This facial was amazing. You can tell she loves her job. She is passionate about her treatments. She pampered me for almost two hours. My skin looks and feels amazing. I highly recommend her. Treat yourself. It is well worth it.” 02/22/2019
Mary K.
Costa Mesa, CA

“OH. MY. GOD!!! I just had what had to be the BEST FACIAL I have ever had. Not only did Seema give me an AHHHHH-mazing facial, but she pampered me with a relaxing arm and shoulder massage as well. I will definitely be seeing her on a regular basis! Highly…HIGHLY recommend her!!!” 02/18/2019
Elizabeth F.
Santa Monica, CA

“Seema is a great esthetician! She takes her time on my skin and personalizes my facial. I’m excited to see the transformation in my skin as time goes by. I already saw improvement with just one session. I recommend Seema if you are looking for someone who truly cares about making a difference in your skin with passion.” 10/15/2018
Zakia A.

“Facials with Seema are top notch! Your skin will be glowing and healthy! Highly recommended!”08/28/2018
Susie H.
Huntington Beach, CA

“I surprised my wife with a spa treatment. She was very happy with service, and she is very particular. She was impressed with the cleanliness of her facility, and the equipment. She is very much looking forward to her next visit!” 6/6/2018
-Patrick S.

“My first time going to Seema was beyond my expectations. I was having problems with my skin flaring up from excess travel, in consistent diet and lack of enough water, needless to say I was lacking the “glow”… within 48 hours of my appointment my skin started to look healthy again and was never red/irritated from her facial and extractions. I have had numerous facials prior to visiting Seema and she really does take the time to cater to each individuals specific needs.  
I have decided to start a routine every 6 week facial with her since she is so gentle yet delivers results!!  
My yelp account is shared between my boyfriend & I… he thought my skin cleared up very quick too if I might add :)” 6/6/2018
-Nathan F.

“Best esthetician in town!!! Go to her for facials and body treatments. She never disappoints and does a great job!!” 6/13/2018
-Maha I.

“I have been receiving facials for the last ten years and the several I’ve had from Seema have definitely been the best.  She truly is a expert in her craft.  Seema analyzes your skin, performs the best facial, and then advises on a treatment plan.  All of my products come from her and because of them, I’ve seen a definite improvement with my skin.  Seema takes her time and exudes kindness and care at every facial.  I highly recommend her!” 7/30/2017
-Stephanie D.

“I’m writing my 5-star review for Seema. She’s excellent at what’s she doing. I had all my body scrubbed and it was very relaxing and giving me very good result. My skin is very smooth and feels good. The room is very clean and she uses the top quality products for all of her services.  She’s very friendly and caring too. I would definitely go back and recommend her to my friends.” 9/28/2017
-Spice M.

“Seema is an absolute professional. She made me feel comfortable laying down with dimmed lights and peaceful music. She uses face masks that smell good and feel good. Some of them sting ever so slightly but it is all part of the cleansing process. The extractions she performs were much less painful than the other places I went to… leaving my skin exfoliated and cleaned. She also recommends great products at reasonable prices and she is now at a nicer and bigger location. 
Even though she moved a bit further from where I live, the drive is always worth it and Seema is my go-to for facials.”  7/28/2017
-Alex A.

“Seema for facials!!! She is absolutely amazing in every way. I have been to so many estheticians and usually my face looks great right after a treatment, but with Seema I can see real results that are lasting. She really take her time and customizes each treatment based on what your skin needs. Love her so much!!!” 9/29/2017
-Alison H.

“Seema Z is a certified Esthetician at The BB&B Studio. Beside performing facials, she also offers whole body buffs. I recently completed 3 of 3 and each time I left with the softest, smoothest skin.  She uses a combination of methods, exfoliators, massage and a buffing machine (think car wax buffer). Different attachments are for different skin needs. You get all this and a very relaxing visit . Seema herself is very sweet and makes you feel comfortable. A must try!” 8/31/2017
-Debra B.

“I was given a gift certificate for my birthday by a friend who had met Seema and loved her.
I recently booked a facial and truly would recommend this experience to everybody!
Seema was fantastic! Her skin treatment and facial massage was the best. I also added a microcurrent treatment which is an amazing way to drop years off your face and neck.
Will definitely be going back!” 7/30/2017
-Sandra A.

Great service- loved my brows with Seema! I’m very light blonde and it’s tough t find someone who can tint my brows the right shade- she got it right the first time!!” 4/26/2016
-Jenn L.

“Seema is where dreams come true! I’ve been struggling with my skin for a while and was trying to look for skin expert and o I can be clear and open with in regards to what I would like to focus on. She took everything I said and applied treatments to my particular skin. 
With a lot dermatologist they focus on the latest Brands and the routine skin treatment however seema takes time to listen your concerns and do a treatment that applies to your skin. I am now a repeating customer. My whole family notices the difference in my skin ever since I’ve been coming to her. i know that a few of my family members are now making appointments and plan to see her too! If I could give her more stars I would!”
-Faizah K.

“Seema is awesome!  I’m always looking forward to seeing her every month.  Feel so relaxed and pampered!  The products she uses smell naturally and relaxing, and don’t trigger my migraine headache.  I would recommend her to take care of your face skin.” 10/20/2017
-Kate A. 

“Seema Seema Seema!!! There is nothing else to say, but that she is FABULOUS! She is not only great at skin care, but she is a great person. You can tell she loves her job and what she does for her clients. When I get with Seema, all my problems goes away, stress reliever for sure; especially with her extraction process is Excellent! 
I would recommend everyone to go to her, she takes pride in her work, is truthful and never just takes peoples’ money for just any old service. Trust me I’ve been to one other person for a facial and let’s just say she was ‘Not Remembered. 
I now live a hour away from her, but I still manage to get my facial fix from her at least Once every 2 months.
So all i can say is, Get your facial done by Seema!!!” 7/28/2017
-Jacqueline C.

“This was best day ever!!! Had a body scubb that was amazing, then a facial that was equally amazing!!! Would recommend her services one hundred percent” 7/28/2017
-Lisa W.

“Seema was absolutely amazing!!  She did a full body scrub.   
I have never experienced such a wonderful treatment like Seemi did.
My skin is so clean and soft.. wonderfully soft!
Enjoyed every second..  will definitely go to return” 4/12/2017
-Fran B.

“This place is awesome, I got a facial from Seema and she did an awesome job. I highly recommend this place.” 7/28/2017
-Farzana S.
“I received the best facial of my life from Seemi yesterday. I cannot recommend her more!! I am in town visiting family from Wisconsin and Seemi was able to accommodate me same-day. She used excellent products and took her time with my skin. My face feels like a completely different face the morning after — my spots and acne are almost completely disappeared!” 5/23/2017
-Maryam M.

“Seema is the best! I’ve had several facials from different people and no one has come close to making my face glow as much as she does. Seema is excellent at analyzing my skin and providing just the treatment it needs. She cares very much about her clients & takes personal responsibility for their faces. Shes doesn’t try to sell you lots of products, but is also very knowledgeable on many different product lines and can provide helpful insight if you are looking for something new. I highly recommend visiting Seema for your next facial.” 10/25/2016
-Alison W.

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